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Automatic Identification Solutions

Automatic Identification products provide end users with solutions that solve the complex problems of today and anticipate the future. Hand Held Readers, Mobile Computers, Unattended Scanning Systems and RFID offer solutions that help you meet your business goals.

Innovations that get you the information and results you need!

Factory Floor
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In manufacturing, information is just as important as physical resources.

Planning capacity, avoiding bottlenecks and generating high levels of shop-floor productivity are all part of the challenge in today's fast moving environment.

Automatic Identification solutions help to gather information on specific processes and cycle times to control work-in-progress for both manual and automated processes.

  • Accountability
  • Real-Time Control
  • Order Tracking
  • Regular Production Flow
  • Inventory Management
  • Tighter Cost Control
  • Production Planning
  • Real Time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Less Downtime

Datalogic - Case Histories- Work In Progress

Escort Memory Systems-Manufacturing WIP

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Automatic machines need to accurately identify and constantly control objects in packaging machinery, manufacturing machinery, conveying equipment, lab equipment, medical devices, retail kiosks, lottery tickets, vending machines, and ticketing or coupon systems.

Automatic Identification products can provide custom and semi-custom products to meet the varied demands of its OEM customer base.

  • Broad Range of Standard Product configurations to fit any application
  • Custom and Semi-custom product design to exactly fit application needs
  • Reliable Business Partner

Datalogic - Case Histories-Original Equipment Manufacturers

Escort Memory Systems-Electronics


Warehouse management controls the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and processes the associated transactions for manufacturing industries and distribution or retail environments.

Automatic Identification solutions accommodate the varied demands of small and mid-sized distribution centers, to very complex, high-volume environments, making the supply chain more efficient

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Order Processing
  • Storage and Picking Accuracy
  • Shipping Precision
  • Paperless Item Tracking

Datalogic - Case Histories - Warehouse Management Systems

Escort Memory Systems- Logistics & Warehousing

Sorting Worldwide goods of every kind and size move daily with the help of Automatic Identification solutions. Baggage in airports, parcels in postal sorting centers and packages in distribution centers, reach their destination because of the flow of information that accompanies them in all stages of the process. Irrespective of what kind of conveyor system is used, we provide the solution for any sorting environment, from simple systems with low throughput to complex, integrated systems with peak performance.
  • Customer Service
  • EDI
  • Online Trace and Track
  • Management Reporting
  • Accurate Delivery
  • Faster Delivery

Datalogic - Case Histories - Sorting

Escort Memory Systems- Logistics & Warehousing

Point Of Sale In supermarket chains and shops of any size, post offices, finance and insurance companies and areas of access control, Automatic Identification provides versatile integrated solutions to respond to the various application needs of point of sale businesses. Solutions range from data transfer between supplier and user, office automation, price verification and shelf replenishment, to the challenges of self-scanning and customer relationship management.
  • Customer Service
  • Home Service
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Inventory Management
  • Quick Check Out
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Food Traceability
  • Office Automation
Datalogic - Case Histories - Points of Sale