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Industrial Automation Products Inc.

Kim Controls develops automation solutions for OEM and manufacturing experts. As a long-standing member of AHTD, we are committed to bringing new, innovative technologies to our customers. Whether you want to improve machine performance or find the best components for a new system design, we will find the most effective technologies available for both your application and your budget. Our highly trained staff of application specialists are standing by to share creative solutions that can help you improve your processes and your bottomline! To Learn More Contact Our Team

Motion Control-

The world of Motion Control is where mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines meet. Our application specialists have real world experience with these technologies and we can help you determine the best solution for your project needs. Our product solutions range from industry workhorses like AC induction motors and VFD drive applications to the high speed, high precision world of servo motors and amplifiers. Sizing these components can be tricky, we can help!

Machine Safety-

Protect your most important asset, your employees! Kim Controls offer a wide range of protective devices including; safety light curtains, safety relays, door interlocks, safety mats and more. Call us for a safety consultation today and let us help you create a safer workplace.

Machine Automation-

Machine Automation incorporates a broad spectrum of hardware and software components. Kim Controls, Industrial Automation Products Inc. addresses the majority of these needs with complete automation platforms, operator interface products, encoders and a wide range of sensors including; photoelectric, proximity, laser and ultrasonic. We bring best of breed solutions to fit your budget!

Automatic Identification-

In manufacturing, information is as important as physical resources Hand Held Scanners, Mobile Computers, Unattended Scanning Systems and RFID solutions can help you meet your business goals. When used to gather information on specific processes and cycle times, you can control work-in-progress for both manual and automated processes. Planning capacity, avoiding bottlenecks and generating high levels of productivity are just a few of the things that can be done more efficiently with Automatic Identification products and the information they gather.

Industrial Computing-

Our business partners provide rugged and powerful computers, monitors and controllers designed for harsh work spaces, and the software automation tools needed to develop human machine interfaces (HMI's), supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and embedded instrumentation and control applications. Ruggedized for use in controls room and on the factory floor, these products are designed to withstand shock, vibration, humidity, EMI, RFI, dust, mist and splash. We have the reliable equipment and user-friendly software you need to get the job done!